Simple File Encryption [2]
Lock your personal Files and Folders by adding Password to them with 'Simple File Encryption' Software.
Shortcuts [2]
# Open any your file from anywhere in window by pressing your selected keys(e.g. Ctrl+Shift+S).
Multi Rename [3]
# Rename Multiple files/folders at once.
# Add text to last/first in files/folders name.
# Replace characters in name.
# And many more features.
Android App Installer [1]
Install android apps(.apk files) into your android device/emulator via USB cable.
Inventory Book [1]
Manage small shop's inventory with this excel sheet, made for myself, for my shop, sharing with public, not many features but just what i need, i hope useful for others too. - track remaining items quantity in your shop - Sell, Purchase log by date
SOTW Mailbox Notification [1]
Get notifications for new messages in your mailbox on 'studentsoftheworld.info'
GlobalPenFriends Notifier [1]
Get notifications for new messages or user's online status on 'globalpenfriends.com'

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